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'My Journey: Losing 40 Pounds, in 4 Months, While over 40'  $19.99

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Hi, I'm Tanae

I am a wife and mother to seven children, three biological and four bonus.  I am a licensed dance teacher who two years ago lost 40 pounds in 4 months while over 40. I even wrote a book titled 'My Journey: Losing 40 lbs in 4 months while over 40'  which chronicles my weight loss experience. My book also serves as a self-help workbook and journal.  I am now a ISSA Certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach helping people online personally reach thier health and wellness goals.  Visit my website or click the link below if you would like to book a free transformation consultation.

In The Press

"5 Stars

"I really enjoyed the book. It's very informative and motivating. I can appreciate that it's also a workbook to help you start the weight loss journey".


~Shay Powell 

'"My Journey shares a personal story with real life, applicable advice for weight loss. It shares many of the same motivations that many of us have but gives you simple tips, methods, and recipes that can easily be implemented in any busy lifestyle. It eliminates excuses and exudes positivity. It takes one woman's journey and makes something that seems attainable seem accessible. There is space for journaling and reflection that will help you in writing your own journey along the way. This book is not simply a book. It is a conversation between you and a friend that will inspire you to get started."

~ Erin Mercs

"The best weight loss journey book I have read. I absolutely love this book. I've always heard that when a woman turns 40, it's hard for her to lose weight. Tanae's journey echoed mine in so many ways. She includes tips for weight loss, food, exercises to do at home and a journal to track your journey. I will definitely recommend this book to anyone on a weight loss journey".


 ~ Lisa Williamson

"If you want an authentic way to lose your weight and keep it off, this book is the best one to read. From real-life experiences of Mrs. Tanae Walker with pictures of her progress, recipes, and step by step instructions she is making a difference.  She is showing that no matter how hardworking you are, you have time to take care of yourself and she gives you the tools to do so. I highly recommend this amazing, well-written book".


~Bethany Davis

This book is available for order!